Building rapport and establishing trust in coaching is probably the most important skill to develop. A trusting base forms the foundation of a productive and sustainable coach/coachee relationship. Without rapport, there can be no genuine relationship.

<aside> 💡 Without a genuine relationship, you can never fully help your coachee reach their full potential.


Why talk to a Peer Coach?

"Peer coaching is about bouncing ideas off a trusted thinking partner. Be this partner!"

Table of content

What is Peer Coaching? What is it NOT?

What Is Rapport? How to Achieve It?

Skills and Behaviour

Asking the right questions

When Using the Entertainment Center

Keeping a Feelings Diary

Boosting Self-Esteem

“The Reality of The Other Person Lies Not In What He Reveals To You, But What He Cannot Reveal To You. Therefore, If You Would Understand Him, Listen Not To What He Says, But Rather To What He Does Not Say.” - Gebran Khalil Gebran