"Let’s start by saying how much I respect and admire you. You are part of a small group of individuals who not only want more for their lives but also are willing to do what it takes to get results. In other words, you are the hero of this story; you’ve answered the call to adventure. I believe the ultimate adventure we are all on is to reveal and realize our fullest potential and inspire others to do the same". - Jim Kwick

The first step of our adventure towards reaching our full potential is to set a clear and SMART GOALS to work on. Then, the second step is to engage with behaviours that will help us get closer to the set goal and transform those behaviours into HABITS (automatic actions).

To learn more, let's read the sections below!

I- Goals

Why is Goal-Setting Important?

Goal setting is a powerful process for helping your coachee to think about their ideal future, and for motivating themselves to turn this vision of this future into reality.

The process of setting goals helps them choose where they want to go in life. By knowing precisely what they want to achieve, they will know where and why the need to concentrate their efforts.

Have a look at the following pages below to help you and your coachee think about, set, develop and track their goals throughout their sessions with you. You can also use the techniques on these pages to help you set up your own goals!

Have a go!

Identifying Goals

Writing SMART Goals

Strategies for Success

II- Habits

What are habits?

Habits are the small decisions we make and the actions we perform every day and they are important for us because once they get integrated into our routine, they become automatic. That's why it's important to make sure we have the right ones!

Did you know? More than 40% of our daily actions aren't actual decision but habits. Plus, our brain cannot tell the difference between good and bad habits so we have to do it ourselves!