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Experiencing social and/or life skills difficulties?

Our team of experts hears you, and our BePeers coaches are here for you.

We have compiled a large library 📚 of virtual engagement activities 🎮 for virtual interactions, guided conversations, entertainment, and social/life skills training.

Are you asking yourself if BePeers is the right service for you?

Are you or someone you know socially isolated?

Do you or someone you know struggle with social interactions?

Do you or someone you know lack friendships and adventure buddies?

If so, then you're in the right place.

<aside> 💡 And if not, you can still be one of our peer coaches! Keep going, this one's for you too 😊


All you need is a video call platform 📹 , a great mood 😁, and sometimes a few extra stuff 🔎. Don't worry! We'll let you know WHAT?! and WHY?!

Our compilation of 80+ games has something for everyone!!

Our selection is easy to navigate. Each one of our games comes with a detailed explanation, downloadable material or content, or links that take you to specific websites.

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