Updated: February 2020

Every successful relationship starts with a clear set of boundaries. Your relationship with BePeers is no different. Boundaries make sure you and/ or your dependent don't expect us to be something we're not.

The rest of our legal fine print, can be found here

#1 BePeers is not a replacement for medical treatment

BePeers coaches are able to support your neurodiverse children/ young adults to improve their their social skills, confidence and social well-being. Coaches can work with neurodiverse children/ young adults if they experience social and/ or life skill difficulties, as long as they are not considering causing harm to themselves, or others.

#2 BePeers is not an immediate crisis service

We are not an immediate crisis service and we don't employ staff to be on call. We're also not a medical service. If you think you're having an emotional crisis, please call the NHS 111 for non-emergency advice. If you think you might harm yourself or someone else, please call the Samaritans on 116 123, ring 999, or go straight to A&E.

#3 Cancellations hurt you as much as they hurt us

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellations of initial consultations and coaching sessions. Cancellations made prior to this can be rescheduled with no penalty. Otherwise cancelled sessions, no-shows and lateness will count as one full session.

#4 Confidential Conversations with legal and ethical obligations

According to UK law, our Coaches have to contact the emergency services if they believe you might hurt yourself or someone else, or/and if you mention terrorism or money laundering. If you're involved in a crime, a UK court might ask us to share some of your conversations and we'd legally have to agree.

#5 BePeers is dedicated to providing a gold-standard service

We take the privacy and security of your data very seriously, and we're GDPR compliant. We monitor the quality of service that our counsellor provide, and make sure it sticks to the Ethical Framework set out by the BACP, the UK's largest counselling body.

All of our Coaches are insured under, and practice under, UK law. If you are based in a different country, this means any legal action taken would have to be raised in a UK court.

If you're not sure about something or would like to give us feedback on how we can improve, reach out to [email protected].

#6 Interruptions

We do everything we can to ensure sessions run smoothly. Unfortunately we are unable to account for all eventualities and internet providers. Poor internet may result in difficulties connecting. If this happens and your Coach agrees you have missed a significant proportion of your session, we will happily re-arrange it for you.